What we do

We create inspiring marketing experiences for some of the world’s largest brands.

RT Brand Communications has spent almost two decades transforming businesses. We’re proud to provide smart, successful thinking through an authentic dedication to knowledge, thoughtfulness, and intelligence. It’s at the heart of everything we do.

Independent full service agencies are facing a new landscape. The pace of change makes it virtually impossible for a single team to be specialist in all areas, and still remain under one roof.

On this basis, we have built a new kind of integrated agency. With strategic brand marketing expertise at its core, we combine creative talent with independent partners who are leading experts in their field.

This enables our clients to have outstanding specialist teams, removing the need for generalist marketers to work on their challenges.

What can we do for you?
We are brand strategists, marketers, creatives, writers, developers, and project managers creating solutions that have delivered commercial, customer-focused results for the last 17 years.

Who we work with

We build memories, relationships and loyalty.

Forward-thinking clients such as Thomson Reuters, Vodafone and Sony partner with us for a number of different reasons.

Some need help with a new brand architecture or product innovation development. Sometimes it’s a new strategy leading to a powerful creative idea with fully integrated assets. Sometimes it’s digital content strategy and assets to influence a diverse range of audiences.

It’s a sense of shared purpose and awareness of what is possible which has brought us all together. They choose to partner with us because we are a well-established source of real-world value.

CVS Group
Dorset Tea
CVS Group MiPet Insurance
Ojo Rojo
Simply Health
Thomson Reuters
UN Volunteers
VOIP Unlimited
Compass Group

15 years of digital partnership and counting

"We are more and more looking to agencies that are not generalist agencies but ones that bring real proven expertise in a given area, be that accessibility, be that brand strategy, whatever. And we pull them in to really deliver value and complement our base or our foundation skillset.” — Anton Turrell, Global Head of Digital, Sony

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Inspiring action through rebranding on a global scale

"We needed an agency that would understand how we worked and would appreciate that what we wanted to achieve was different to that of a commercial business. The RT team has gone to great lengths to get to know UNV in terms of our structure and culture as well as what we do." — Jennifer Stapper, Head of Communications, United Nations Volunteers

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Multilevel campaign strategy and creative development

"Working with RT for the last 6 years has just been a joy because they have felt part of the team. We know each other individually, we know each other's strengths and weaknesses, we really work well together. I think that they're a true extension of the team and almost feel like part of the family. They are almost Thomson Reuters themselves because they understand the templates, they understand the governance, they understand the pressures and because of that they can deliver extra value that others can't get near to."— Paul Tasker, Head of Marketing Operations, Risk, Thomson Reuters

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Brand creation and development for extraordinary new bar and restaurant

“Working with RT to build our brand could not have been simpler or more enjoyable. We knew what we wanted, but needed help pulling the right questions out and formalising our desired end goal. RT managed this with friendly, fun workshops and professional client briefings. We are so happy with the end result and could not have reached the final brand personality without their creative thinking. It far exceeds anything we thought we would end up with.” — Trevor Hill, El Capitán de la Creatividad, Ojo Rojo

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Our brand marketing services

We think and we also do.

We’re not afraid to challenge the status quo. Whether it’s through our bespoke mixture of in-house and external talent, or simply finding new creative ways to address clients’ brand marketing needs, each of our services are supported by specialist leaders, methods and processes. No matter the size of the task.

  • Brand Strategy

    Using our unique methodology we work to understand our clients’ business landscape and aspirations. We then work with them to define their brand’s purpose, values, personality and proposition.

  • Design & Content Creation

    Our creative approach creates cultural currency for brands, ensuring they get talked about, written about and interacted with digitally. We have a trusted production resource who specialise in film, script, animation and character production.

  • Digital

    Our digital experts create multi-platform, responsive solutions. Developing strategies to create experiences for customers that deliver and enable digital marketing-led engagement.

  • Campaign Planning

    We create and build integrated advertising campaigns that inspire audiences. With clear strategic thinking, our approach gets under the skin of your objectives to deliver powerful results.

  • Internal Communications

    We combine strategic creative thinking to deliver compelling and effective communications that influence what employees think, feel and do.

  • Social

    From social campaign strategy to management and monitoring, we help clients commercialise their social marketing. Whether you need influencer outreach or community management, we make the link between your social and overall marketing objectives.

  • Public Relations

    Working at the crossroads of traditional and digital PR, experiential and content creation, we are able to take brand messaging and principles and connect in a wider market reaching manner.

“The agency of today and tomorrow is one that’s nimble, able to bring together experts quickly to provide solutions for clients for a new marketing age.”Lauren Crampsie, Worldwide CEO, Ogilvy

Our approach

We think about three things. The client, their business, and their audience.

Our clients’ ambitions are the most important part of every project. We don’t have preconceptions, no-go areas, vested interests, preferred platforms, or technical limitations. Just open minds.

Even our roster is fully tailored to their needs, with a flexible in-house team and independent expert talent ready to meet any challenge

We understand the real pressures that clients face. Our approach and thinking is uniquely influenced by the career and ‘big brand’ experience of our team, and our ethos of making sure we have enough time to really think about the task at hand.

Avoiding the ‘lucky dip’ creative approach of many agencies, we create a collaborative client partnership to build an insightful strategy. This strategy is what leads to impactful creative solutions to bring your brand marketing to life.

Our clients don’t wait for our solution, they are part of it.

Trust is core to our collaborative partnerships. Agencies should trust that their client knows its business best, based on the many complicated factors and pressures they face. And clients need to trust the new approaches to creativity and insights that agencies can offer.

Our leadership team

Our unique team has founded award-winning design, creative and digital agencies in London and the South, and led strategic thought leadership on a global scale.

They have previously spent years working on global power brands such as Sony, Thomson Reuters, Vodafone, Barclays, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Nestle, Unilever, and Proctor & Gamble, as well as fast moving and dynamic challenger brands.

“We have no preconceptions. Our imaginations are not constrained by technical limitations. We are skilled in all media, and all channels. We have no vested interests or no-go areas, just open minds. Our commitment to creativity is as strong as our belief in strategic thinking. We create fresh, surprising, ideas that bring strategy to life.”Matt Ralph, Managing Director, RT

Where we are

We approach every day with an open mind, and that includes where we work. In changing times, we go where our customers thrive, whether that’s in the creative heart of London, or on the beautiful south coast.

RT Coast

The Echo Building, 18 Albert Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH1 1BZ

RT City

London (UK) opening soon.